Here are the Vidjam 2015 submissions by our talented filmmakers!

This year’s theme was MAKE IT COUNT.

Vidjam 2015 Submission Playlist

Here are the films!

Title: Today is the Day

Vidjam 2015 Judge’s Choice

Vidjam 2015 Best Story

Vidjam 2015 Best Acting, Cody Unger

Team: Jerry-Rigged Film Co.

Team Members: Jerry Stevens, Cliff Ash, Cody Unger, Adam Weigand, Nate Smith, Alex Rabinowitz, Sarah Scholl, Tyler Yenna, Joe Srouji, Melissa Ford

Synopsis: In an attempt to better his life, Reuben realizes he may have chosen the wrong person to help him.

Title: A Sanctuary in Time

Vidjam 2015 Audience’s Choice

Team Members: Ben Chadwell, Elizabeth Piscioneri. Valerie Zehring

Synopsis: Poetry juxtaposed with real childhood images of the actors tells the story of two characters who find themselves facing life transitions.

Vidjam 2015 Best Directing

Title: Coffee

Team: Team Crave and Co.

Team Members: Colin Powell, Kevin Hillman, Ashleigh Pollart

Title: Fracture

Team: Winters Crompton Pictures

Team Members: Christopher Tanski, Toby Bradbury, Somers Compton, Seth Hirschman, Leah Young

Synopsis: Dan and Jess are a couple on the last leg of their marriage after years of emotional indifference drove them apart.  Will one last date night be enough to rekindle their marriage?

Title: Common Cents

Team: PEP Productions

Team Members: Paul Kanner, Erika Eberly, Paul Barnes

Synopsis: This is the day that our hero finally has enough to make it count in a big way that changes his life for the better.

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