This year’s theme for the Vidjam Harrisburg 48 Hour Filmmaking Weekend is… TRANSFORMATION.


  1. The Harrisburg Vidjam Filmmaking Weekend begins on May 26th at 7pm.  Short films must be submitted by 7pm on Sunday, May 28th.
  2. Your film must be between 4 and 8 minutes, including any credits you may want to add.
  3. Film may not have been developed, written, or shot before this weekend.
  4. You must own, have permission to use, or have the appropriate rights, for all video and audio in your film.  Royalty free music can be found on sites like Incompetech and Bensound,  and can be used if you give credit to the musician!  You can also contact local bands and musicians to see if they may be interested in helping use their music.  If you have trouble finding some music, feel free to contact me this weekend at and we will try our best to help you find music!
  5. Vidjam has the right to review short films for excessive obscenity, violence, and/or offensive materials may need to be reviewed.  If you’re worried you might be going “too far”, feel free to e-mail us!  If for any reason we can’t screen your film because of this, we will refund your registration.
  6. Have fun and if you feel stuck or have any questions, please contact us at  We are here to help you succeed!
  7. Films will be judged on the included rubric:

Awards and Judging Criteria

Judge’s Choice

Using the below rubric, the Vidjam Judge’s Choice Award will be chosen using the following criteria:

Story (30%)

Originality and Creativity ___/15

Originality of subject content, characters, and ideas.

Structure ___/15

Effectiveness of plot, structure, and pacing used to move the film along.

Filmmaking (30%)

Editing ___/10

Scene Flow and Effective, Smooth Transitions.

Directing ___/10

Effective Direction of actors and scenes towards conclusion.

Cinematography ___/10

Effective use of camera, angles, point-of-view, etc.

Additional (40%)

Theme    ___/20

Chosen theme of Vidjam is prevalent in film.

Acting    ___/10

Actors serve film effectively

Personal Score    ___/10

Film is entertaining and/or engaging.

Other Awards

Audience Pick

The audience will be asked “What was your favorite film of the evening?” at the end of the screening, and these votes will be tallied to determine the winning of the Vidjam Audience Pick Award!

Best Director

Best Acting

Best Story

Harrisburg Vidjam 2017 Theme, Rules, and Judging Criteria

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