Arden embarks on a cursed virtual reality trivia video game in which the VR Headset is sucked and stuck onto his head until he beats the game. After finding somebody locked inside of a trunk and being unable to get them out, Arden must head into town and find someone who can help break the poor man out of the trunk.

Arden Shaer
Richard Jones
Thomas James Henderson

Written/Edited/Shot/Directed by Thomas James Henderson
Assistant Cinematography by Richard Jones

Music by
Tree as Man

Entry for Vidjam of Horror 2017

This was all shot and edited in three days

Published by Vidjam

Our mission at Vidjam ( is to establish and foster a local, homegrown filmmaking community in the Central Pennsylvania area, allowing people to create and share their work in a constructive, fun, and collaborative environment. We encourage all people, whether they’re well-versed in filmmaking or haven’t even touched a camera, to give filmmaking a chance. Everyone has a story, so let’s hear yours!

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