About Us

Vidjam (www.vidjam.org) is a local Central Pennsylvania-based organization working to build, develop, and foster a local filmmaking community.  We are working to accomplish this mission by providing unique opportunities for filmmakers and artists to connect with others, learn the craft of storytelling and filmmaking in a constructive, fun, and collaborative environment, and provide a platform for these artists to communicate and share their work with the community.
We encourage all people, whether they’re well-versed in filmmaking or haven’t even touched a camera, to give filmmaking a chance. Everyone has a story, so let’s hear yours!

Vidjam 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition

Vidjam runs yearly “48 Hour Filmmaking Competitions” where teams of filmmakers from all over the area come together to develop, write, shoot, and edit a film within 48 hours, which we then screen in a 124-seat movie theater at Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg, PA.

Vidjam has been provided the opportunity to visit ABC27’s Good Day PA to talk about the 48 Hour competition.