“Grandpa’s Story” by Dana Wiker

This is Dana Wiker’s submission for Vidjam’s “Make More Movies” drawing, “Grandpa’s Story”.

Description: A documentary about my grandfather being drafted into WWII and joining Patton’s army to liberate the city of Pilsen and return home.
Cast and Crew: Shot and directed by Dana Wiker
Interviewee – Nancy Wiker

Uproot CS at the Harrisburg Comic Con

In its first year, Harrisburg Comic Con saw an illustrious group of celebrities mingling with fans from all over the state. Be sure to attend in 2017, when they promise to bring more celebrities and artists to add to the experience.


Special thanks to those interviewed:
Katrina Law
Austin St. John
Walter E. Jones
David Yost
Steve Cardenas
Richard Horvitz
Scott Straka
Ming Chen
Ashley DiFrancesco

Rise, Harrisburg

We all fall. We all rise. Cities are no different. For Harrisburg residents, the stories told indicate a long fall from grace for Pennsylvania’s capital city. In the last few years, however, the city has been on the rise.

From Midtown to Downtown, business owners and Vietnam veterans, these are the voices of Harrisburg, and their opinions of a city that they hope to see thrive.

This video includes interviews with citizens across central Pennsylvania, and originally played at Harrisburg’s Midtown Cinema as part of TEDx Harrisburg.

Uproot CS visits Zeroday Brewing Co.

Nestled behind Harrisburg’s Midtown Cinema is Zeroday Brewing Co., a microbrewery started by a husband and wife team. With locally-made art adorning the walls and products from nearby businesses on sale, Zeroday provides the full Harrisburg experience to guests while also offering some unique and great-tasting beers.

Amanda Carter, 330

Amanda Carter went to law school, studied in Paris, and has lit up stages and sound booths with her rapping. But her most important work came with City Art Space; an afterschool program dedicated to giving voice to children within the city of Harrisburg. Offering opportunities for kids to write, produce, and sing their own music, City Art Space and the HBG Summer League work to raise the esteem and skills of Harrisburg’s youth.
Amanda Carter can be found at
And you can support Amanda’s music programs at
Special thanks to
Clique Tracks
Consumer Voice Ent. Group

A Christmas Portrait

Christmas means different things to different people. We asked people of very different backgrounds about their holiday experiences.

Learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Three Kings Day, and hear from a Muslim woman who loves the Christmas season.

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