Team: A.N.I.Mation
Description: A metaphorical look at depression
Cast & Crew
Directed by Asnawy Mohamad, Nikolas Nguyen, and Ian M. Wallace
Written by Naomi Detwiler, Emma Lebo, and Ian M. Wallace
with Drawphildraw, J.A. Devor, Nick Lebo, Nicolas Ragnalia, and Maria Lebo


Team: Uproot CS

Description: Dani, a paramedic, struggles to cope with the loss of her partner. Her transformation begins when she loses touch with reality.

Cast & Crew

Written by: Brandon “Bubba” Smith, Doug Atkinson
Directed by: Colin Powell
Produced by: Ashleigh Pollart
Edited by: Brandon “Bubba” Smith


Dani – Abby Walke
Katelyn – Ashleigh Pollart
Khalvin Drogovich – Doug Atkinson
Greg Clegane – Colin “The General” Powell
Brandon Stark – Brandon “Bubba” Smith


Team: Uproot CS

Description: A young man in a bout with depression confronts his inner demons to overcome his life’s greatest loss.

Cast & Crew
Written by and starring Chris Eckstine
Director of Photography and Co-Director Kyrie George
Editor and Co-Director Kevin Hillman


Team: Screaming Pictures

Harrisburg Vidjam 2017 Judge’s Choice, Audience Choice, and Best Directing Winner.

Description: A recovering addict struggles with her past when it begins to affect her future.

Cast & Crew

Sammi Leigh Meville, Alexander Holland, Ashley Mahdavi, Liz P Curtis, Gordon Snyder, Chris Packard, Ryan Laughman, Will Rowe, David Spear, Steve O’Neill, Matt Cossack, and Matt Miller

Sour Pickles

Team: IAF Films
Description: Pickles the Clown has a bad day.
Cast & Crew
Directed by Sam Miller and Dan Brenkert
Starring Doug McGarvey, Hunter Moon, Luci Semder


Description: Adam’s been acting strange lately. It’s only a matter of time before his friends find out the secrets he’s been harboring. Sequel to Chad: Origins.

Cast & Crew: David Baker, Connor Biss, Gabe Lafferty, Nico Lafferty, Josh Larkin, and Luke Riley.

More content from Connor Biss available here.


The Fundamental Part

Description: A filmmaker documenting a unique individual becomes part of the story.

Cast & Crew:

Directed by Tyler Chick
Story by Tyler Chick
Written by Tyler Chick, John Thompson, Melissa Ford, Christine Beutel
Photographed by Al Baldassarre
Edited by Al Baldassarre and Tyler Chick
Location and Production Assistance by Deryn Varney

Resisting Decency

Team: Sundae Best
Cast & Crew
Directed by Zach Moser
Produced by Hanniel Sindelar
Starring Felicia O’Toole, Jaxknife Complex, and Hillary Henson
with Lindsay Kirkwood, Astrid Isley, Bryce Ricca, Andrew Guth, Evan Bradley, Kell Alexander, Max Anthony, Patrick Gringus, Tim Harper, Anna Novak, Belladonna, and Michael Tschop

Sole Searching

Harrisburg Vidjam 2017 Best Acting, Jay Saunders

Team: BOLD Creative Media
Cast & Crew
Directed by Douglas Henderson
Director of Photography, Matt Nease
Written by Michael Todaro
Starring Jay Saunders and Mitchell Nease
with Tyrell Drew, Jose Stoute, Jose Arturo Villeneuve-Saez, Jackie Calzada, Jay Saunders, Michael Nease, and Michael Mattingly Martone

Mad River

Team: Zap City Films

Description: A detective catches an absurd case.

Cast & Crew: Hal Cramer, Lisa Negele Hollenbach, Troy Hollenbach, Ali Cambell, Besnik Dimiri, Taha Ahmad, Saif Sayed, Flamore Dimiri, Hamza Ahmad, Aahad Ahmad, Sandy Wilson, and Ben Rabenold