There is something strange about that antique dealer and his wares… can’t put my finger on it…

Written by Tyler Yenna, Tammy Tibbs and Gordon Snyder. Shot, directed, and edited by Nate Smith. Executive Producer Jake Compton. A special thanks to the Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne.

Produced by the Harrisburg Improv Theatre as a part of its Sketch to Video class. More classes and information at hbgimprov.com.


Sometimes things on social media aren’t quite what they appear. Not by a long shot!

Directed by Adam Lukas
Written by Sammi Leigh Melville and Ashley Mahdavi

Starring: Sammi Leigh Melville, Ashley Mahdavi, Brandon Rexrode, and Toby Bradbury.

A HitFlix Production. hbgimprov.com

Catch Em All!

A clueless man has a series of humorous interactions without even knowing it while attempting to catch Pokemon!
Oh, and maybe saves the day…

Directed by Adam Lukas
Written by Tyler Chick, Sammi Leigh Melville, and Cody Unger
Produced by Don Hill

Starring Tyler Chick, Sammi Leigh Melville, Cody Unger, Don Hill, Cliff Ash, Sam Miller, Brandon Rexrode, and Gordon Snyder.

A HitFlix Production. hbgimprov.com

Cheat Day

A wife finds it difficult to support her husband through tough times, will her choices end up tearing them apart?

Directed by Sam Miller
Additional Camerawork, Sound, and Direction by Sammi Melville
Written by Ashley Mahdavi

Starring Ashley Mahdavi, Donald Hill, Sam Miller

A HitFlix Production.

Dad Treats

Need help around the house? There is a new product out there that just might help.

Directed by Sam Miller
Written by Jordan Kohler

Starring Jordan Kohler, Ashley Mahdavi, Deryn Varney, Charles Hooker

A HitFlix Production.

Nate’s Amazing Reviews

Pls subscribe… His self worth counts on it! Nate has trouble receiving love from the digital world and searches for a significant other.

Video by Nate Smith. Featuring Jerry Stevens and Alicia Ream. Written by Jake Compton and Nate Smith.

HIT FLIX is a creation of the Harrisburg Improv Theatre (the HIT). Live improv comedy every Friday and Saturday night in midtown Harrisburg, PA. More information at hbgimprov.com.