Our Mission

Welcome to Vidjam.

Vidjam is a non-profit on a mission to encourage new filmmakers and educate the public about the filmmaking process. Our goal is to enable and develop a filmmaking community through education, resources, and collaborative opportunities. Vidjam seeks to provide a creative outlet for current and aspiring filmmakers through the development and coordination of workshops, competitions, and other collaborative opportunities.

We host a monthly meetup for filmmakers, new and seasoned, which provide opportunities to network, collaborate, and learn with the community.  We host a quarterly “Open Screen” with Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg, PA which allows filmmakers to submit their work to be screened in an actual theater, along with other filmmakers from the community.  We also host a variety of filmmaking events, like our “Filmmaking Weekends” and “Vidjam of Horror”, where filmmakers are challenged to create films on a shortened production schedule and then have their work screened at theaters like Midtown Cinema (Harrisburg, PA) and Zoetropolis (Lancaster, PA).  We also host workshops and screenings throughout the year.