Here are the 15 submissions from our Vidjam 2016 Filmmaking Weekend!  15 different teams created 15 short films using the theme “What Goes Up” in only 48 hours!  Check out the shorts below!

Title: Pancake

Vidjam 2016 Judge’s Choice

Vidjam 2016 Best Directing

Vidjam 2016 Best Story

Vidjam 2016 Best Acting

Team: Covert Films

Team Members: Connor Ryan, Luke Covert, Myles, Brendan Cavanaugh, Joshua Berger, Jess Ploszaj

Synopsis: Two in-laws deal with grief, an alien abduction and the elephant in the room, as fast as the flip of a flapjack.

Title: The Lady in the Tree

Vidjam 2016 Audience’s Choice

Team: Tree Value Picures

Team Members: Nate Smith, Tyler Chick, Melissa Ford, Lisa Budwig, Pat McBride, Valerie Zehring, Kacey Troyer, Tyler Yenna, Stuart M.V.S. Ryerse

Synopsis: A woman seeks wisdom from a mysterious tree-dweller.

Title: Fly On, Golden Eagle

Team: Jerry-Rigged Films

Team Members: Jennie Adams, Cliff Ash, Jacob Compton, Donald Hill, Jordan Kohler, Gordon Snyder, Cody Unger, Stuart M.V.S. Ryerse

Synopsis: A man fakes his death to hear the praise from those he’s left behind, but is unpleasantly surprised at the results.

Title: My Dog

Team: Dana Sink

Team Members: Dana Sink, Evan Myers, Mark Scheetz, Rachel Sink

Synopsis: A boy contemplates his relationship with his dog.

Title: Ups and Downs

Team: Uproot CS

Team Members: Kevin Hillman, Chris Eckstine, Trey Kemble, Luis Cruz

Synopsis: A young man has to overcome the anxiety of going on his first date after a bad breakup.

Title: Boiling Point

Team: Manheart

Team Members: Joe Naylor, Tyler Clawson, Vinny Secary, Greg Zizzamia, Abbie Hockenberry, Tylor Hockenberry

Synopsis: Devotion is rewarded with deception putting a young husband on the razor’s edge between love and hate.

Title: Diaspora

Team: The Motorboat Accident

Team Members: Kris Smith, Sam Eisenhower, Sarah Crouse, Billy Kalman, Nick Neely

Synopsis: A young man who is struggling in life unexpectedly stumbles up to his future.

Title: What Comes Up Must Go Down

Team: Lily Compton & Ben Hill

Team Members: Ben Hill, Lily Compton, Morgan Compton, Jeremiah & John

Synopsis:  A young girl and her new friend must work together to save the local forest that her mother taught her to cherish before her tragic demise.

Title: Spin It Out

Team: Slaughterhouse Jive

Team Members: Hal Cramer, Sarah Austin, Brad Austin, Tara Altland

Synopsis: An overwhelmingly positive girl crosses paths with a constantly negative man, trying to get him to open up.

Title: Wayward Dreams: One Orphan’s Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Team: Sundae Best

Team Members: Zack Moser, Hanniel Sindelar, Michael Tschop, Hillary Henson, Belladonna, Poddington Bear, Felicia O’Toole, Jaxknife Complex, Dalton Deatrick, Andrew Guth, Sarah Witmer, MF Dirt, Jesse Gantt

Synopsis:  Follow Felicia O’Toole and a cast of crazy characters as they discover that fame and family both have a dark side.

Title: Hiding Places

Team: Screaming Pictures

Team Members: Sammi Leigh Melville, Alexander Holland, Ashley Mahdavi, Liz P Curtus, Will Rowe, Stuart Landon, Matt Miller

Synopsis: After she is kicked out of a mental institution, a girl becomes paranoid about her sister’s landlord.

Title: sassy fras

Team: sassy fras on gravity

Team Members: Eric Dietrick

Synopsis: samsara suits him, is all.

Title: Chad: Origins

Team: The Stens

Team Members: Gabe Lafferty. Nico Lafferty, Tyler Aunkst, Jake Neil, Connor Biss

Synopsis: Chad thought his life was going great, until today at least! 

Title: 3:00 P.M.

Team: So It Moves Motion Pictures

Team Members: Sarah King, Devin Yeatter, Chris Juengst

Synopsis:  What goes up must come down. A man obsessed with the woman who runs by his house every day has a chance encounter with her, only for everything to come crashing down when she realizes how into her he really is.

Title: Major Stock Alert

Team: The Cicadas

Team Members: Jason Nardis, Sean Stayton, Sean Kenny

Synopsis: A newly motivated day trader, Eugene Garland is extremely sold on a stock called “Coconut Industries Worldwide” as he spends his life savings on it’s shares. From riches to rags and rags to riches he goes, as this film also touches on the duality of Human Instinct, Greed and Nature.