Welcome to Vidjam, a Central Pennsylvania-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the art of filmmaking. Our mission is to encourage new filmmakers and educate the public about the filmmaking process. 


Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or just starting out, Vidjam is here to help you grow and develop your skills.


At Vidjam, we’re passionate about building a community that fosters creativity, growth, and opportunity for current and aspiring filmmakers. We achieve this by offering a wide range of resources and collaborative opportunities, including workshops, competitions, and more.

Meetups & Workshops
Don't miss out on the opportunity to network, learn, and grow with Vidjam's vibrant community of filmmakers.
Open Screen
Vidjam has teamed up with Midtown Cinema to provide a unique opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work to the community.
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“A man who’s lost his job. A couple who’s not a couple. A woman whose age is all people can see. A man who can’t get over what’s lost. And a man whose job is to make the end easier.”


Watch Vidjam’s first collective film project, “Never Too Late” here.

Upcoming Events

Vidjam of Horror

When? Sept 27th at 7pm to Oct 8th at 7pm

Where? Harrisburg, PA

Learn more here.

Community Testimonials

“I like the collaborative nature of it and the creativity that comes out in such a short time. It’s also easier to coordinate and less time commitment for people who are busy.”

“I look forward to the 48 hour film weekends because I get in and get my hands dirty and have something fun to show by the end.”

“I’ve connected with a handful of talented and motivated filmmakers who have invested in my journey and allowed me to invest into theirs.”

“[The Facebook Group]… keeps me up to date on other people’s progress and informs me of meaningful developments and industry tools.”