Filmmaking Weekends

Vidjam’s 48-hour Filmmaking Weekends are an opportunity for filmmakers to collaborate on a 4-8 minute short film, all based on a common theme.

  • Past themes have included “Inner Demons”, “What Goes Up” and “Time After Time”.
  • We have hosted events in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and online.
  • Films have been shot on iPhones, DSLRs, and even RED Cinema cameras.
  • First-time filmmakers and production companies have competed.
  • Our youngest filmmaker began at 10 years old!
  • Our Filmmaking Weekends began in 2015 and have been held annually ever since!


  • Filmmakers have until Sunday, June 2nd at 7pm to submit their film at!  If you have any problems uploading, please reach out to us at [email protected]!
  • Your film must be between 4 and 8 minutes long, including any credits you may want to add. Films will not be eligible for the screening if they are longer than 8 minutes.
  • Your film may not have been developed, written, or shot before this weekend.
  • You must own, have permission to use, or have the appropriate rights for all video and audio in your film.