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About Content Warnings for Vidjam Submissions…

Vidjam’s primary mission is to cultivate a safe space for developing a filmmaking community built from people from all walks of life, and all ages — and provide the community with opportunities to network, create their art, and share their work. We strive to keep our community a welcoming place, which all filmmakers and film lovers can frequent with peace of mind. To that end, we are offering content warnings so that the audiences can make informed choices or be prepared for potentially mature or sensitive content.


If you have suggestions on how to improve our content ratings and warnings, email us at [email protected]


NOTE TO FILMMAKERS: Filmmakers are solely responsible for the content of their submissions. Vidjam, as exhibitor, however, reserves the right to curate all films for the public screening program, add content warnings deemed appropriate, and does not guarantee that all submissions will be screened or published on social media or the Vidjam website.


Descriptors meaning

Entailing program content


Adult Content

This indicates that the submission may contain suggestive dialogue, crude humor or in extreme cases, drug references or depiction of drug and/or alcohol use that may not be suitable for children.


Adult Language

This suggests that the submission may contain profanity, ranging from either mild profanity to expletives, with or without a sexual meaning.


Graphic Language

This descriptor suggests that the submission will contain a heavy amount of profanity, with relatively to very frequent usage of expletives with or without a sexual meaning.


Mild Violence

This suggests that the submission contains a mild amount of violent content, either comedic or non-comedic in nature, that may or may not include some bloodshed.



This is indicative of the submission containing a moderate to significant amount of violent content (such as a physical altercation or shooting), which may include mild to moderate amounts of bloodshed.


Graphic Violence

This means that the submission may contain a heavy amount of violence, blood or gore that is unsuitable for younger audiences or those who are squeamish to such content.


Strong Sexual Content

This signifies that the submission may contain graphic sexual situations, particularly scenes of simulated sexual intercourse that is often of a pornographic nature with the incorporation of moderate or full-frontal nudity.



This denotes the submission may contain graphic scenes of rape and/or other forms of sexual assault, depicted in a realistic and often violent, but fictional nature.