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What is Vidjam?

Vidjam is a non-profit on a mission to encourage new filmmakers and educate the public about the filmmaking process. Our goal is to enable and develop a filmmaking community through education, networking and competition.

Join our monthly meetups, become a part of our Facebook group and participate in our quarterly Open Screens @ Midtown Cinema.

During Vidjam Filmmaking Weekends, filmmakers set up teams and then have 48 hours to develop, shoot and edit a film!

Monthly meetups, workshops and film screenings provide filmmakers with the opportunity to learn new aspects of their craft!


Join us for the 2022 Lancaster Filmmaking Weekend, from August 26th to August 28th!

Team registration is available here.

The theme for the challenge is… THAT FUNNY FEELING

The films will be screened at Lancaster’s Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse on September 11th at 2pm.

Submit your films at

Vidjam seeks to provide a creative outlet for current and aspiring filmmakers through the development and coordination of workshops, competitions and other collaborative opportunities.

Building Community. Building Opportunity.

Community Testimonials

“I like the collaborative nature of it and the creativity that comes out in such a short time. It’s also easier to coordinate and less time commitment for people who are busy.”


“I look forward to the 48 hour film weekends because I get in and get my hands dirty and have something fun to show by the end.”


“I’ve connected with a handful of talented and motivated filmmakers who have invested in my journey and allowed me to invest into theirs.”

“[The Facebook Group]… keeps me up to date on other people’s progress and informs me of meaningful developments and industry tools.”

Meetups & Workshops

Our meetups include Guest Speakers, like local filmmaker Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, Youtuber Cody Wanner and animator Dana Sink among others!

With Open Screen, filmmakers can screen their work to the community in a theater!

Evolution of a Filmmaker is a journey through the career of a local filmmaker, beginning with their first projects to what they are working on now, while talking about what they learned on the way

Film Screenings

We have arranged screenings for local films like Al Monelli’s “At the Drive-in” and Mike Lombardo’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday” and work to include resources like Q&A sessions for our filmmaking community.


Our Central PA Filmmakers Meetup and Facebook Group provides filmmakers with the opportunities to share their current projects and begin collaborating with other filmmakers on personal projects.

Networking through these groups has lead to collaboration on short films, feature films, feature length animations and on-going paid work.

Paid Production and Acting gigs are regularly posted in the Central PA Filmmakers group.