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Filmmakers had 48 hours to make a short film, these are the results!

The theme for this challenge was KNOW THYSELF

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Have fun!

Vidjam is a non-profit on a mission to encourage new filmmakers and educate the public about the filmmaking process. Our goal is to enable and develop a filmmaking community through education, resources, and collaborative opportunities. Vidjam seeks to provide a creative outlet for current and aspiring filmmakers through the development and coordination of workshops, competitions, and other collaborative opportunities.

For me, the movies are like a machine that generates empathy. If it’s a great movie, it lets you understand a little bit more about what it’s like to be a different gender, a different race, a different age, a different economic class, a different nationality, a different profession, different hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears. It helps us to identify with the people who are sharing this journey with us. And that, to me, is the most noble thing that good movies can do and it’s a reason to encourage them and to support them and to go to them.” – Roger Ebert, Film Critic

Remember: It costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits are staggering. A pat on the back to an artist now could one day result in your favorite film…the song that saves your life. Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever.” – Kevin Smith, Director